Wooden stakes

A wooden stake is a multi‐purpose product. It is used in geodetic works, allowing to determine the plot boundary. Wooden stakes are also used in gardening as a support for trees and shrubs.

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Pakiet palików drewnianych.
Paliki geodezyjne podczas produkcji.

Standard wooden stakes beech wood (dimensions)

Profile [cm] Length
2,5x2,5 20cm
2,5x2,5 25cm
2,5x2,5 30cm
2,5x2,5 35cm
2,5x2,5 40cm
2,5x2,5 50cm
2,5x2,5 60cm
2,5x2,5 80cm
2,5x2,5 100cm
2,5x2,5 120cm
2,5x2,5 140cm
2,5x2,5 150cm

Thick wooden stakes poplar wood (dimensions)

Profile [cm] Length
4x4 30cm
4x4 40cm
4x4 50cm
4x4 60cm
4x4 80cm
4x4 100cm,
4x4 120cm
4x4 150cm

Thick wooden stakes poplar wood (dimensions)

profile [cm] Length
1,5x3 lub 2x2 25cm
1,5x3 lub 2x2 30cm
1,5x3 lub 2x2 35cm
1,5x3 lub 2x2 40cm
1,5x3 lub 2x2 50cm
1,5x3 lub 2x2 60cm
1,5x3 lub 2x2 90cm
1,5x3 lub 2x2 120cm